Chiva Som Health Resort, Thailand

Frequented by the likes of Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Elle Macpherson, Jude Law and Serena Williams, Thailand’s famed Chiva Som Resort is a holistic health oasis catering to every facet of lifestyle enhancement. The retreat combines classic Thai hospitality with world class health facilities to deliver personalized programs focused on everything from weight loss to smoking cessation to anti-aging skin rejuvenation. With the help of a personal consultant, guests can customize their experience to be strictly fitness-oriented, be “pampered into oblivion” (in the words of Liz Hurley), or anything in between.


Program length and “type” is selected upfront at the time of booking from a menu of thirteen diverse choices such as Tension Release, Detox, Optimal Performance and A Taste of Chiva Som, the most flexible option. On arrival, guests sit down for a check-in consultation with a resident wellness advisor to further tailor their program to their goals and book treatments to their desired schedule. The advisor will guide you through Chiva Som’s catalog of over 120 treatments, ranging from 1-on-1 personal training to acupuncture to indulgent milk baths (a luxurious soak infused with wild organic honey and lavender oil), making suggestions that accord with your specific goals. During this holistic consultation, your body measurements, weight, blood pressure and medical history are also recorded (physiology-focused treatments on offer include food intolerance testing, body composition analysis, and micronutrients profile blood testing). Guests are provided with information about visiting specialists currently on site and the group activities schedule, which spans a comprehensive array of personal improvement pursuits such as aerobics, pranayama, pilates, tabata, tai chi, Thai boxing, boot camp, TRX circuit and every conceivable type of yoga.


A stay at Chiva Som comes with unlimited use of the resort’s gender-segregated Hydrotherapy Suites. Perfect for rainy days that prevent lounging by the beachside pool, the Suites contain steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis, plunge pools, relaxation lounges and heated water beds. Water-based treatments in general come highly recommended at Chiva Som. Flotation therapy in the resort’s unique domed float room induces a profound state of relaxation as you free float in body temperature water saturated with healing mineral salts. Watsu, a passive technique derived from Zen Shiatsu and performed in a warm water pool, is another popular water-based treatment - a therapist uses the buoyancy of the water to support you while your joints are mobilized and muscles gently stretched in a flowing sequence designed to foster emotional as well as physical release.