Amrita Anti-Aging Brain Food

A potent blend of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant botanicals that fights forces of aging in the brain and body. Formulated with curcumin developed by UCLA neuroscientists for optimum brain absorption (285x more bioavailable than standard curcumin), and a patented blend of plant extracts clinically proven to decrease cellular inflammatory response by 34%.

This bioactive combination of neuronutrients and neuroprotectins supports:

  • Neuron repair and regeneration
  • Improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain
  • Enhanced brain detoxification
  • Whole body protection from inflammation and oxidative stress

amrita (Pali-Sanskrit): divine nectar

a therapeutic and deeply nourishing formula of healing botanicals that stimulates your brain and body's ability to heal itself

We use plant medicines known since ancient times to enhance the health of the mind, and amplify their effects with modern bioavailability technology, to create powerful daily brain nutrition that reinforces the brain's natural defense and regeneration mechanisms. The herbs in this formula have been extensively studied for their ability to bring circulation to brain tissue, detoxify neurons, and upregulate healing and growth factors, supporting a healthy brain and body today and for the future.
Curcumin from Turmeric
The Anti-Inflammatory Root
Our curcumin is clinically proven to circulate in the brain and body at therapeutic levels (285x more bioavailable than ordinary curcumin in humans, as measured by the AUC normalized method), helping clear toxic beta-amyloid plaques and prevent neuronal damage
Bacopa Monnieri
The Neuron Builder
Bacopa improves memory formation & learning by increasing the growth of nerve endings and enhancing communication between neurons. Studies also suggest bacopa increases the production of acetylcholine, a critical neurotransmitter for cognition & memory
The Brain Detoxifier
Spirulina supports regeneration of the brain by removing heavy metals and preventing the accumulation of beta-amyloid and alpha-synuclein proteins between neurons
The Antioxidant Infusion
This remineralizing blend of fruit and vegetable extracts is clinically proven to improve mitochondrial function and reduce cellular inflammatory response by 34%
The Cerebral Circulatory Stimulant
Traditionally used in China for brain & circulatory disorders, gingko has been shown to promote cerebral blood flow, protect against low oxygen in the brain, improve energy metabolism in neurons, and enhance the brain's natural antioxidant response
Gotu Kola
The Herb of Enlightenment
Gotu kola activates the release of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), a hormone that triggers the growth of new neurons. Like bacopa, which is often paired with gotu kola in traditional preparations, it also promotes neuroplasticity by stimulating dendrite branching
Lion's Mane
The Nootropic Mushroom
Lion's Mane is unique among medicinal mushrooms for its ability to boost Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and nerve cell myelination. Our full-spectrum Lion's Mane extract uses both the fruiting bodies and root system of the mushroom
The Free Radical Scavenger
Historically associated with improved memory, rosemary is a rich source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds shown to protect fat membranes (which comprise 60% of the brain) against free radical damage

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